3. Controlling Adult Use of Cannabis



- Controlling Adult Use of Cannabis


Over 2 million people in the UK use cannabis. The illicit market is worth approximately £7bn and 80% of the cannabis sold is high potency cannabis (‘skunk’). High potency, low CBD, cannabis is linked to higher rates of problematic use and higher incidences of psychosis. Since 2005 there has been a dramatic increase in people seeking cannabis treatment. The widespread use of cannabis and the shift in the market to more dangerous forms of the plant are testament to the failures of policies prohibiting the cultivation, sale and possession of the plant.  Young people are the most at risk from our failed cannabis policies, being the most likely to use unregulated and potentially dangerous street cannabis, the most vulnerable to mental health problems associated with use and exploitation from ruthless criminal organisations.


We advocate the legalisation, regulation and restriction of access to cannabis through an online supply model. This policy has a clear focus on protecting young people by restricting their access to cannabis and reducing the enormous source of funding which black market cannabis provides organised crime groups. A regulated market would limit access to those over 18, ensure product standards, tax revenue, controls on potency, child-proof packaging and harm reduction advice among myriad other benefits to society.